Main features:


  • Downloading directly from RSS torrent feeds.
  • Using rtorrent, the best torrent client ever!
  • The Ability to change active torrents.
  • The Ability to change Max size of torrents.
  • You can set the ratio / seed time
  • The Ability to delete files with specific extensions.
  • Upload Images which included with the files
  • Process NFO and upload it as image
  • RAR any files | Extract .rar files
  • Major forum / blog types supported ( view).
  • The Ability to add Music list
  • Auto Post to unlimited sites
  • The Ability to cusomize your own templates
  • The Posts being saved to .txt files
  • Upload the simple
  • Crawl : Bring Information from
  • Crawl GameSpy : Bring Information from GameSpy
  • Crawl : Bring Information from
  • Extract Relevant information from the .MP3 file
  • 35++ Filehost supported ( view).
  • Crawl IMDB : Bring Information from IMDB
  • Crawl : Bring Information from Tv.CoM
  • Crawl : Bring Information from thetvdb.CoM
  • Take Screenshot and write a custom text on it
  • Upload covers to image hosts.
  • All languages supported (even Chinese, Russian, etc.).
  • Auto unrar / unzip / un7z files.
  • Get tv banner and show description from thetvdb.
  • The tv banner is uploaded to image hosts.
  • RAR files with your site in filenames.
  • RAR files with your comment.
  • RAR files with your password.
  • You can split the rar archive.
  • You can add your own files
  • Get IMDB info (title,year,plot,tagline,trailer,rating,genres,directories,etc)
  • User friendly and easy to use.
  • 20++ Imagehost supported ( view).
  • And more features
General information.
Megabot is completely automated script, which download from any RSS Feed of torrent site,Then re-upload it to your own accounts of filehosts, it also generates the post, and postit to your own sites.. You can cusomize your post templates, edit your own settings easily

WHY MEGABOT ? We dont claim that Megabot is the best, but we're completly sure that our support work 24/7 to create new functions, add new plugins as our customers ask..

  • VPS or Dedicated Server with Fresh CentOS 6 64bit.
  • 50GiB+ hard disk space
  • High-speed upstream (100mbit+)
  • 1gb ram
  • High-speed download source (Torrent FEED)
  • A basic knowledge of torrent RSS feed and torrent